What do I do on MY Day Off?

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What do I do on my Day Off?

This makes me chuckle even as I type the title of this blog, because, in fact, I hardly ever take a total day off. I'm not bragging about this by any means, but there is always something real estate-wise going on even if it's just in my own head.

This past week, I tried to take some time off to prepare my house for an upcoming holiday weekend. Truth be told, I would rather be talking real estate than cleaning my house! Sure, keeping house is a much needed and necessary task but for some reason, talking to somebody about their plans to buy or sell a home is much more interesting and appealing to me any day of the week.

Today I decided to spend time in my kitchen - cooking, baking, tidying up when thankfully a past client phoned me to discuss purchasing a property in need of major renovations. We both laughed at the listing details which state - needs some TLC - but I digress. I would say that real estate is not simply my job, my choice of career, or of making a living. Real estate also happens to be my hobby. I LOVE REAL ESTATE.

I love everything about real estate - the properties, the people, the day to day challenges, the process. You name it and I'm there. I have even caught myself dreaming about how I can market a particular home in a more creative and successful way and I jot a note so the idea is there in the morning to share with my team.

I am thankful that I have an understanding husband who often will make a comment or say something to me and my mind is totally elsewhere - either at the closing happening tomorrow or with my first time buyers who are anxious and ready to become homeowners.

Wherever I am, whatever I'm doing, I know my love for real estate is always with me. It's who I am.