The Perfect Gift

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The holidays are over, the sky is grey, the daylight is short, so in light of all this that we call "Winter",
I thought this message would resound with many. 

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did:

What is the Perfect Gift?

Somewhere between our desire to give and our delivery of the perfect gift, the point of the effort gets lost.  Often, it’s because there’s a vast difference between what we can afford and how meaningful we want the gift to be for the recipient.

But “meaningful” doesn’t have to be expensive or rare or even three-dimensional.  The act of merely passing on information can be a great gift to others.  Think about instances when someone has done this for you.  Sent you an article about an unusual remedy to a problem you’ve been having; clued you in to a vital piece of information at work that put you in the know and increased your value on the job; told you about a book that gave you a new perspective - possibly even changed your life.

Bits of wisdom, guidance to publications, recommendations for doctors, daycare centers. Other professional services, networking opportunities - all of it has the potential to make a difference in someone’s life.  And it’s all within your reach.  The key is to assess what someone really needs, and then give it in an openhearted manner when the time is right.  That indeed is a perfect and meaningful gift.

I hope your holidays were filled with all that’s perfect and meaningful.