Sharing a Message from the Heart - Roberta Waters

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We all grieve in different ways.  It has been four years since I lost a daughter.  As I continue to put one foot in front of the other, moving forward as she would want, I also think about life and how it often deals us cards we will never be prepared for.

What I find most unusual is that I have crossed paths these past years with many who are living with this same type of loss - parents, grandparents, siblings - all missing a loved one whose loss came out of order, out of turn.  Maybe it is something we see in each other's eyes, feel in each other's "karma" that attracts us one to the other.

 Many like me love their homes and treasure the memories of the love and happy times shared under this protective canopy we call home.  Every room, every corner speaks of a different time, of laughter and happiness, of special occasions, a connection that will never be replaced. I fit into this category.  I love my home and for now I can't imagine ever leaving it although someday I know I will.  Just not now. Not yet.

 For others, the sadness, the lost connection can often be too much to bear and they talk with me about making a change, a fresh start in new and different surroundings.  Never giving up those love feelings but savoring them in an alternate place, a new home, a place where the loss is less intense, perhaps more tolerable.

 I get it - both scenarios.  I am not a trained mental health professional but I can lend an ear and offer my own story, my limited yet real life experience.  

 If you or somebody you know needs help with their home, needs to make a change, whether it be their current home, a future home, a room change, remodeling, creating a memory garden, a special love place inside or outside - I can provide that help and direct you to others who can also provide advice and real assistance.

 This is a difficult piece to write as I try to convey my sincerity to offer help without sounding too business-like, without conveying "salesmanship". My hope is that in sharing my story, and offering my understanding and empathy, that perhaps I can ease the burden for somebody going through a transition in their life.

Wishing you peaceful days ahead.

Roberta Waters