Boston's North End is Alive with Fun This Month!

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Today is August 1!


For those in the Greater Boston area who enjoy some great food and a fun activity, head to the North End of Boston on most August weekends for their annual Italian Feasts/Festivals honoring some of their patron saints and martyrs.  The processions are fun ( I have heard) but more so, the celebratory atmosphere and partying that goes on well into the evenings.  On a nice night there is music, dancing, laughter, plenty of food and drink and more people per square foot than one typically sees in the Boston area and everyone is out for a good time!

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Italian Feasts & Processions
Summer 2019

 As for parking, I always suggest taking public transportations whenever possible, although those of us (like me) who live in the 'burbs typically bring a car into town for convenience.  There are large parking garages at Haymarket, at Government Center, and at the Boston Public Market.  If you'e lucky enough to score a spot on one of the streets be alert for "North End Resident Parking Only" signs as these areas are clearly marked for those who live within the North End.


I am enjoying the hot summer weather, which we all complain about - and we all complain about the cold winter weather as well.  So what do us New Englanders really want for weather.  As for me, I will take the warmth any day over the cold.


Enjoy August - and let me know if you have a chance to experience the fun North End.